3 Email Conversion Techniques You Haven’t Tried Yet

3 Email Conversion Techniques You Haven’t Tried Yet

By Sté Kerwer to Mailing List

What’s one of the most important elements on your blog? You email opt-in form. A lot of bloggers measure their success by how many sales the make or how many clicks they get on their ads. But email conversions are important, too, maybe even more so, because now you have a direct marketing link to your subscribers. Here are three email conversion techniques you should try on your blog.

Put Your Opt-In Form In Your Sidebar

It may be one of the most important elements on your blog but many bloggers put their opt-in form in a blog post and forget about it. Sure, maybe they link to it every now and then and send it some traffic, but it’s not as effective. What if your readers don’t click the link.

Get rid of some of that clutter in your sidebar and put your opt-in form right there for all the world to see. Your sidebars are static, so no matter what page or post your visitors are on, they’re always going to see your form. I’ve been using this technique on a couple of my own blogs and I’ve seen at least a 50% increase in email conversions.

I have the form at the top of my right sidebar. Directly underneath I have an image for a free ebook offer for subscribers. And then directly underneath that I have my various follow buttons. There’s still room further down for my Categories widget and my Popular Posts widget.

What about ads? I’d rather have the leads so I’ve taken the ads out of the sidebars. Instead, I use text links or banners within the individual posts.

Use A Pop-Up

Today’s pop-ups are much more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. You can regulate how frequently they appear – on every visit, on the first visit, every third visit, and so on. You can also customize the colors and the size of the ad. They’re not as obnoxious as they used to be and the do increase conversions.

Personally, I recommend you customize the settings so your opt-in form only pops up every third or fourth time the reader returns to your blog. This is where I’m seeing my best conversions and it doesn’t seem to bother my return visitors.

Make Your Homepage A Landing Page

I haven’t tried this yet, but last year copyblogger made their homepage into a landing page and increased conversions by 92 percent. Ninety-two percent! That’s phenomenal!

If you already have a large following, most of the people who land on your homepage are going to be new visitors. Your repeat visitors are already subscribed so they enter your blog via the links they receive in your email updates, which usually lead to an individual post, not your homepage.

The theory behind this is this: Use your homepage to clearly define what your site is about and how it benefits your readers. Then, offer those new visitors something of remarkable value that they just can’t pass up and it’s almost guaranteed they’ll subscribe to your list.

Don’t bury your email subscription form in a post or a page inside your blog. It’s one of the most important elements of your business. Take care of your list and you’ll be able to market to those subscribers for years to come. So get rid of distracting ads that aren’t bringing in any money anyway, and put that opt-in form right there on the front of your blog where everybody can see it.

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